Offered hardware underwent CRA certification for use in the LoRaWAN network.

certified hardware

Certified hardware

supported hardware

Supported hardware

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Measured parameters


List of supported hardware

Certificate numberModelProducer
Tanix supported 
00374SenseJoTio Tech Upon request
00734Sense PROJoTio Tech Upon request
00764Sense PRO - motýlí důmJoTio Tech Upon request
00724Sense PRO Multi packJoTio Tech Upon request
0074AderaboxAdera Upon request
0018AgroSolidus Tech Yes
0068AirWits CO2Connected Inventions Upon request
0019Akcelerometr v2Solidus Tech Yes
0083AM3XXMilesight Upon request
0060AtmConntis Upon request
0035Battery ManagementBattery Check Upon request
0007Dio5 (teplota 1x)Bluematic Yes
0008Dio5 (teplota 2x)Bluematic Yes
0040DMP 331iBD Sensors Upon request
0048DMP 331i - HladinoměrBD Sensors Upon request
0028Dry ContactsAdeunis Yes
0062E1-SBIX/JV-JVJoTio Tech Upon request
0063E1-SBLX/AVBX-AVBXJoTio Tech Upon request
0061E1-SBLX/JV-JVJoTio Tech Upon request
0033Elsa V1VisionQ Yes
0036EMSElsys Yes
0010Enviro v2Tesla Blatná Yes
0006Enviro v3Tesla Blatná Yes
0049Enviro v4Tesla Blatná Upon request
0014ERSElsys Yes
0016ERS SoundElsys Yes
0013ERSCO2Elsys Yes
0023ESM5kElsys Yes
0034Healthy HomeTabs Yes
0052ISTBD Sensors Upon request
0064Jotio CX-VinoJetJoTio Tech Upon request
0069KONA Smart RoomTektelic Upon request
0057LDDS20Dragino Upon request
0056LDDS75Dragino Upon request
0054LDS01Dragino Upon request
0075LHT-65 - Interrupt sensorDragino Upon request
0041LHT-65 - Temperature sensorDragino Upon request
0066LLDS12Dragino Upon request
0070LMP 307iBD Sensors Upon request
0071LogiTrackJoTio Tech Upon request
0043LoRaWAN™ IP68 PULSE READER + M-BusNordic Automation systems Upon request
0055LPWANSolidus Tech Upon request
0082LS-134 – požární hlásičGlobalSat Upon request
0058LSN50v2-D20Dragino Upon request
0067LSN50v2-S31Dragino Upon request
0050LT33222-L/LT22222-L double DI CountingDragino Upon request
0027LT33222-L/LT22222-L general modeDragino Yes
0053LWLDragino Upon request
0025MCF88MCF88 Yes
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